RCST Technology

The first human telemetry system for motorsport.


Davide Venditti Formula Center Italia founder and Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe driver, conceived in 2017 the RCST Human Telemetry System. He developed the idea with the support of four among the best Italian universities and two partners with deep technical knowledge in motorsport. It’s an innovative and patented solution, already tested by pro-drivers for over 100.000 km. By processing specific performance indexes, the system identifies pilots’ physical and mental conditions during the race.


The RCST Human Telemetry System is an integrated technology applied on driver’s body. It consists of:

  • A wearable device with embedded sensors to gather measurements: breath, ECG, skin impedance, body temperature, hand pressure on the steering-wheel and Oxygen Saturation (SpO2).
  • A software module to analyse driver’s performance: Stress Indicator, Energy Expenditur, Recovery.

Processing the data with a proprietary algorithm, developed by an intense research and development program, the system correlates the collected data to estimate the psychophysical status of the driver. Thanks to R&D activity with our scientific and technological partners, the RCST Human Telemetry System is constantly evolving.


A unique system all over the world thanks to technology applied directly during the performance.


Industrial property guaranteed by official patent registered in 165 Countries.


Over 100,000 km of tests performed on the main motorsport circuits.


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