Humetry MSport19

The first solution that empowers race performance and improves drivers’ on track safety.

MSport Pro-Shirt

The fireproof device with integrated sensors to detect real-time measurements during the competition.


Breath frequency analysis during the performance.


Energy consuption monitoring.


Body temperature detection on the track.

Muscle tension

Check for hand pressure on the steering wheel.


Skin impedance analysis.


Three-lead ECG monitoring.

Performance Index

Through patented algorithms elaboration the Humetry solution provides the race performance indexes for each pilot
(Stress indicator, Energy expenditure, Recovery).

Stress indicator

Evaluates the driver’s psychological and physical conditions during the performance.

Energy expenditure

Detects the energy consumption during the race, through ECG monitoring and glucose consumption.


Evaluates the pilot’s resilience and estimates the time to restore the baseline conditions.

Track Index

The solution provides an intuitive and userfriendly graphic interface to display the performance indexes directly on the circuit map.
A drill down analysis can be performed consulting the performance indicators for each lap or sector of the track.

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